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Blumberg Segal LLP (Blumbergs) provides legal services and advice to non-profits and charities operating in Canada. It is vital that those who run charities in Canada understand their charity’s compliance requirements. Blumbergs works with clients to help them understand both their legal and ethical responsibilities and to help raise the level and standards of practice.

These online courses are designed to help staff and volunteers as well as professional advisors understand the rules relating to registered charities. Blumergs has graciously offered friends of Sustainability Network a significant discount on these sought after courses.

Each course listing below links to a detailed curriculum description (including the recording duration of each segment) and each is self paced. If you are registering multiple people within the same organization, additional discounts also apply.

USE CODE: SUSTAINABILITY302021 to receive 30% off courses.

This coupon code is not limited to only the environmental community and we’d encourage you to pass on the code to anyone who might benefit from these courses.

If you have any suggestions relating to courses that Blumbergs might develop in the future, please contact


Top 20 Charity Law Issues
Donor Advised Funds
Fundraising from Canada
Mergers/Uncertain Times
Establishing a Social Enterprise
Multiple Corporate Structures
Charity Law Boot Camp 2021
Working with Non-Charities
Restricted Gifts
Foreign Activities
Fundamentals of Running a Charity
Fundamentals of Running a Foundation
Transparency and the T3010
Finance Bundle
Canadian Charity Law Institute 2020
Now you are a registered charity – What's next
Separation and Independence from Entities that are not Canadian Charities

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Mark Blumberg is a partner at the law firm Blumberg Segal LLP in Toronto and works almost exclusively with Canadian non-profits and registered charities on compliance issues. Mark is also the editor of and maintains and

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