This virtual workshop series consists of seven 3-hour sessions delivered over the course of a two-month period on Wednesdays between March 6th and April 17th, 2024, from 1:00-4:00 PM ET. Each cohort will consist of up to 50 ENGO staff/leaders drawn from across Canada.

All participants will receive a confirmation email from TicketTailor with a link to join the meetings on Zoom. All registrants will be provided with a link to the recording and the presentation slides following each session.

Cost: $200.

*Please note, there are a a limited number of free spots reserved for ENGO BIPOC individuals, please select BIPOC upon checkout if this applies to you. If you have any questions, please contact

By the end of each workshop series, cohort participants will gain the following:

a. Awareness of settler colonialism and the ways it potentially harnesses civil society;

b. Understanding about how Canadian law such as the Indian Act and the Income Tax Act has suppressed Indigenous governance systems;

c. Awareness that Indigenous peoples have inherent (sui generis) political and legal systems, with which ENGOs may want to form partnerships;

d. A better understanding about how to navigate partnerships with Indigenous communities that promote decolonial environmentalism;

e. A stronger sense about how to identify and explain individual and organization social locations (i.e. positionalities) as part of ethical partnership development.

Workshop #1: Settler Colonialism 101 - March 6th, 2023

Introduce ENGO representatives to the fact that colonization is a structure and not an event. Identify key ways that colonialism moves through individuals and organizations.

Workshop #2: Positionality - March 13th, 2023

ENGO representatives learn how to articulate their social location within a settler colonial state, and vis-à-vis potential Indigenous partners.

Workshop #3: Inherent Indigenous Governance 101 - March 20th, 2023

Introduce the fact that Indigenous nations have their own sources of political authority that they can (and do) draw on when addressing environmental issues. Examples provided.

Workshop #4: Building Better Relations - March 27th, 2023

ENGO representatives will roadtest ways in which to implement previous workshop key points to re-imagine partnerships with Indigenous nations.

Workshop #5: Understanding Territorial Sovereignties - April 3rd, 2023

Introduce ENGO representatives to Indigenous concepts of territorial sovereignty and how this might relate to environmental protection, sustainability, etc.

Workshop #6: The Nonprofit Industrial Complex - April 10th, 2023

ENGO participants are introduced to theories and examples describing the Nonprofit Industrial Complex and the “Shadow State.” The purpose is to show how settler colonialism structures civil society.

Workshop #7: Decolonizing ENGO-First Nation Partnerships - April 17th, 2023

This workshop delves deep into how ENGOs can partner with Indigenous nations beyond the Nonprofit Industrial Complex while promoting deference to inherent Indigenous political leaders.

Workshops will be scaffolded and modular. Each will build on the one preceding, but ENGO staff can join at any time and still leave with useful information that can be incorporated into their respective organizations. However, we hope participants will be present for each workshop. Each 3-hr workshop will be health conscious, with a 20-minute break built in at mid-way points. Breakouts and the whiteboard feature will be employed but in principle, the workshop series will use the least amount of technology possible in order to simplify participation and to maintain accessibility for all involved.

Our Presenter

Dr. Damien Lee will lead the majority of workshops in this series, with Ms. Sarah Werner facilitating learning activities. Both Dr. Lee and Ms. Werner have extensive experience facilitating/teaching adult-focused education at the post-secondary level.

Gimiwan Research and Consulting is a research consultancy co-led by Ms. Sarah Werner and Dr. Damien Lee. They serve mainly Indigenous communities and Indigenous-led organizations by providing research and workshop services based in decolonial ethics and Indigenous worldviews. Ms. Werner is non-Indigenous and holds an Indigenous Studies Bachelor of Arts from Trent University, and is currently completing a master’s degree at the Department of Indigenous Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Damien Lee is a member of Fort William First Nation and holds a PhD in Indigenous Studies from the University of Manitoba, and a Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance from the University of Victoria.

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