Price: $90 for the series

June 5, 6 and 7, 2024 from 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

This series of workshops is for those who have at least some experience with government relations, and want to learn more. The format will be somewhat interactive, with opportunities for Q&A and discussion of specific examples. The focus will be on the federal government, although the principles apply at the provincial level, and to some degree, the municipal.

This will be an online series, divided into three sessions:
Session 1: The Room Where It Happens, June 5 from 1-2 PM ET

This session will review the five parts of government where policy decisions are generally made, addressing questions such as: Who are the key decision-makers? What are the concentric circles around those who have influence on the decision? How do the various parts of government interact with one another?

Session 2: Think Like Government, June 6 from 1-2 PM ET

How does the government perceive your organization and your issue? What are the values and priorities that drive policy decisions? What does the process look like within government? What are the most effective ways to communicate with government? As we get closer to a federal election, what are the opportunities to help set the next government’s agenda?

Session 3: Venues, Strategies & Tactics, June 7 from 1-2 PM ET

Where in government can advocates make the most difference? What are the most effective strategies? What are the three venues where MPs can help advance your issue? How does media and grassroots engagement influence government? What are the opportunities and challenges in the current pre-election period?

Registration is $90 for the series and the sessions will be hosted through Zoom Meetings. Please note, all participants will receive a confirmation email from TicketTailor with a link to join the meetings in Zoom.

All registrants will be provided with a link and password for the recording and the presentation slides following each session. The recordings will be available for 60 days.


Aaron Freeman is owner of Pivot Strategic Consulting, which provides government relations and policy advice to companies, NGOs, and Indigenous organizations. Aaron’s new Energy Neighbour initiative is creating buyers pools for homeowners that want to retrofit their homes to be more energy efficient. He is also Founder of GreenPAC, Canada’s organization to build environmental leadership in politics. Between 2009 and 2012, Aaron served as a Senior Advisor to the Premier of Ontario. Prior to joining government, Aaron coordinated several national advocacy campaigns on environment, democratic reform, and human rights issues. He also served as Policy Director for Environmental Defence.

The Hill Times has named Aaron one of the Top 100 Federal Lobbyists in Canada. He has received a Canada Clean50 Award for his work as a Sustainability Champion.

Aaron has taught public governance law at the University of Ottawa and is co-author of The Laws of Government: The Legal Foundations of Canadian Democracy, a book the Ontario Bar Association lists as one of “The Top 15 Books Every Lawyer Should Read.”

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