Nonprofit Financial Strategy in Response to Crisis with Scott Schaffer of PIM Consulting
April 8, 2021, 1-2:30 PM ET
Cost: $25 (CAD)

The current public health crisis has disrupted nonprofits’ operations and funding sources, with longer-term impacts that remain unknown.

Organizations face immediate budget impacts and potentially serious threats to sustainability. Organizational leaders need help to navigate through this situation and bring board and funders along to a place of greater sustainability. That is what this webinar is all about.

Over 90 minutes, participants will gain the information needed to visualize and chart a financial strategy that proactively addresses the short and longer-term impacts of the crisis. The presentation will focus on:

- Understanding and using metrics for financial health and performance

- Components of a robust financial strategy

- Symptoms and causes of nonprofit business model challenges

- Addressing COVID-era financial challenges

- Leading through financial storytelling

You will receive a set of resources to support your learning and there will be an opportunity to engage in a discussion with the presenter.

A recording of the webinar and the presentation slides will be provided to registrants that same day.

Presented by:

Scott Schaffer, Principal, PIM Canada

Scott is a nonprofit sector thought leader on financial sustainability and organizational structure. As past CEO of organizations in the health, housing, and environmental fields, he’s led financial turnarounds and built resilient organizations. As a management consultant, he’s coordinated over 25 merger and restructuring projects and helped over 100 nonprofits chart strategic business plans building financial health and sustainability. Scott has a background in finance, economics and behavioural science, and has led a range of nonprofit management training workshops in the US and Canada.