June 25th from 1 -1:30 PM ET on Zoom Webinar

Nature is often seen as therapeutic, helping to achieve physical, mental and spiritual healing or well-being; however, what happens when one’s environment has the opposite effect? The term “Landscapes of Despair” has been coined to speak to places and spaces that inspire negative consequences on one’s mental, physical and spiritual health. Using the framework of therapeutic landscapes and landscapes of despair, this webinar offers listeners a quick introduction to the concept of environmental racism, outlining the ways in which (and for whom) the environment can be a place of hurt.

All registrants will be provided with a link to the recording and the presentation slides following the session for 60 days.

Find out more about the 4-part series here.

Presented by:

Chúk Odenigbo

Proudly Franco-Albertan, Chúk is passionate about the ways in which the environment impacts human health and the role of justice in our understanding of how our societies function. As a result of this passion, Chúk is very active in changemaking spaces in both Canada and at an international scale. His educational background centres the domains of environment science, chemistry, public health and medical geography. His career has focused on environmental and climate justice and outside formal work settings, he is involved in several boards, committees, conferences and movements to reimagine and recreate societal structures and systems for the well-being of all of our kin. Human and non-human. He has recently started a new role as the Consulting Director of Impact Evaluation at the Tamarack Institute Learning Centre.