Using Your Voice: A Workshop for BIPOC Spokespeople with The NOW Group
January 18th from 1:00-2:30 PM ET
Cost: $20

Skill level: Any
Experience: Any

This workshop offers coaching for spokespeople, pundits and commentators for an environmental NGO. We’ll work through the fundamentals of persuasive communications whether you’re giving a speech or talking to the media. We will also spend some time refining your communications pitch, talking through specific questions or scenarios you have, and giving you a chance to put your skills to into practice.

In this workshop we’ll cover

- Non-verbal communication

- What makes a good message?

- Connecting with your audience

- Preparing for a speech or media interview

- How to pivot to your message

- What inspires

*Limited to ten people. More than one workshop may be offered.

Time: 90 minutes

*A recording of the webinar will be made available to all those who register.

Presented by:

Emily-Anne Paul – Strategic Director and Senior Account Manager

Emily-Anne knows what it takes to motivate governments and stakeholders to act. An experienced campaigner with a keen understanding of the changing political and media landscapes in Canada, she helps clients find the right frame and the right strategic plan. Prior to joining NOW, she served as a political advisor in both government and opposition. Loves running, knitting, and being outdoors.

Willy Blomme - Account Manager and Creative Specialist

Willy has a knack for tailoring messages that motivate audiences in both Quebec and the rest of Canada. She is keen on finding the right words – in both official languages – and developing strategies to help progressive policies succeed. A winter proselytizer, given half a chance Willy will try to get you out on a cross-country ski trail.

Jared Walker - Senior Strategist

An expert in digital campaigning and engagement, Jared is focused on helping our clients reach and engage their audiences through the most effective digital and social platforms. Jared got his start as the New York State Coordinator of Students for Barack Obama during the 2008 election and he’s been chasing hope, change, and a new generation of transformative, progressive leadership ever since. Jared serves on boards at the Broadbent Institute and the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, where he chairs the BlackYouth Fellowship at Toronto City Hall. He joined our team in 2022 and is based in Toronto.