Nonprofit Leadership Workshop Series with Mikhael Bornstein
Session 4: Effective Management for Nonprofit Leaders
Tuesday, April 20, 1:00-2:15 PM ET

The last decade of research tells us three things about management. First, managers matter. In fact, effective managers are critical to organizational success. Second, effective management is rooted in ten well understood behaviours. Finally, good management can be taught.

In this interactive session you will learn how good managers drive organizational success. You will complete an assessment that will identify your strengths, and where you can grow, as a manager. You will learn the 10 practices of effective managers. Finally, you will leave the workshop with a practical, personalized action plan that will help to continue to develop as an effective manager.

The recording will be available until June 20, 2021.

Additional Resource

Effective Management Workbook

Effective Management Workbook (black and white)

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