Financial Strategy in Turbulent Times with Scott Schaffer of PIM Consulting, Session 2
September 30, 2021 from 1-2:30 PM EST

This decade is proving to be a chaotic environment to run an organization. How can we work toward maintaining and improving financial health while so many variables are unknown or changing?

This two-part workshop guides nonprofit leaders toward a deeper understanding of financial strategy and how to implement it in your organization.

Session 2 presents a conceptual framework for the nonprofit business model, which we will apply to a case study. We’ll also explore concepts of cost analysis, return on investment and emerging human resources issues, which are increasingly central to nonprofits’ financial strategies.

Session 1, September 28, 2021 Presentation Slides

Session 2, September 30, 2021 Presentation Slides

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The recording will be available until November 30, 2021.

Presentation Slides