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Date: January 17, 2023, 1:00 – 3:00 PM ET


This panel discussion will be moderated by Chloe Dragon-Smith, a Land Relations Specialist of the Somba K’é, Denendeh and feature:

- Nathan Cardinal (Nature Conservancy of Canada/Parks Canada) and Jen McKillop (Nature Conservancy of Canada)

- Hannah Askew (Sierra Club BC) and kQwa'st'not ~ Charlene George (Cultural Voice & Facilitator)

- Claire Hutton and Amanda Karst (Nature United)

In recent years, many environmental organizations have identified Indigenous-led conservation and reconciliation as priorities. True reconciliation, however, will require organizations to critically reflect on their past and current approaches and assumptions, understand and learn from the historical and ongoing harms of colonial conservation, and take genuine and concrete actions for change.

The panel will outline key principles for organizational change initiatives within environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) to support and create space for Indigenous voices, knowledge systems, laws, rights, and responsibilities.  

We will hear stories and experiences from environmental organizations that explore intentional approaches to prioritizing Indigenous conservation leadership through strategic planning, hiring practices, communications, fundraising, relationship-building, and more.

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