Traditionally, Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) have been largely excluded from the environmental movement yet they often suffer disproportionate impacts of climate change as well as barriers to environmental justice. ENGOs are now realizing that they need to better represent the communities they serve and learn more about the social and economic barriers that underserved communities face, and how they can work to dismantle these barriers within their own organizations, as well as examining their own biases and beliefs.

The Vision2030 JEDI priority consists of two complementary programs.

The BIPOC ENGO Inclusivity Café

The BIPOC ENGO Inclusivity Café will help ENGOs gain awareness of the challenges that BIPOC communities face in an organizational setting and serve as a community of practice for those ENGO staff leading or responsible for JEDI initiatives.

Our Vision2030 Associate Anna-Liza Badaloo will facilitate ENGO 15-20 person cohorts for peer networking, learning and sharing via six, 2-hour sessions biweekly over three months, twice each year for 2024, 2025 and 2026. Topics will include:

• Fostering psychological safety and authentic allyship
• Exploring white privilege, guilt, and fragility
• Colonialism and white supremacy in Canada’s conservation history
• Avoiding BIPOC tokenism in internal and external communications
• Embedding intersectional BIPOC approaches 
• Getting organizational buy-in for JEDI initiatives.

The BIPOC ENGO Inclusive Workplaces Lab

The BIPOC ENGO Inclusive Workplaces Lab will bring together ENGO leaders with some organizational influence so that they can ensure that their workplace structures and organizational culture are truly welcoming, affirming, and BIPOC-inclusive.

Our Vision2030 Associate Anna-Liza Badaloo will facilitate these 15-20 person cohorts consisting of six, 2-hour sessions biweekly over three months, twice each year for 2024, 2025 and 2026. Leaders will be invited to share their knowledge and resources, and benefit from the experiences of ENGO and other nonprofit sector expert guests.

This program complements the Cafe by giving ENGO leaders the time and space to identify and break down organization-wide barriers to creating a more BIPOC- inclusive workplace culture in a community of practice setting. Topics will include shifting organizational power dynamics, fostering an organizational culture of wellbeing, exploring how to integrate a JEDI lens into all aspects of the organization, and more.

Although ‘JEDI’ in the ENGO sector often solely refers to BIPOC inclusion, we recognize that fully exploring organizational inclusion must also include other equity-deserving communities such as people with disabilities, women and gender-expansive people, and people from the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. These themes will be explored in subsequent years.

As of the fall of 2024, cohorts of both programs will be open to all ENGO staff and announced to our
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