Sustainability Network in collaboration with key ENGO leaders is developing a visioning process (Vision 2030) to define where the ENGO community needs and wants to be in the next 10 years and what capacity challenges and gaps need to be addressed to get us there.

Planning for 2030

The pandemic is a fundamental shock to society but it’s also an opportunity to rethink our systems and consider a societal reset that includes the nonprofit sector. Despite a lack of clarity and maybe even because of it, now is the time for reflection and consideration of the kind of future we want to build and to determine the factors that will speed and guide the recovery.

Our goal is to provide the time and space for ENGO leaders and funders to grapple with what the recovery means for Canada and in particular what critical role ENGO capacity building will play in helping these organizations move through the crisis and this decade. All this to empower the Sustainability Network to support the ENGO community so that it flourishes and reaches its potential.

Participants in the process to date have been the c-suite of Canada’s largest ENGOs as well as executive directors of youth-led and smaller staffed organizations as well as ENGO BIPOC leaders. We have convened the ENGO leadership group twice virtually and will physically convene this group as well as key representatives of the funding community as soon as possible.

We are excited by the opportunity to bring together Canada’s most respected environmental NGO leaders and funders so that together we can inject a significant capacity building pulse of activity into Canada’s environmental nonprofit community in 2022 and beyond.