This collaboration between Sustainability Network and 56 high-impact environmental NGO leaders from across Canada defines where the ENGO community wants to be by the end of the decade and what organizational capacity challenges and gaps must be addressed to get us there.


Planning for 2030

With the help of fourteen planning phase funders we convened the Vision2030 ENGO Leadership Team in June 2022 to grapple with key capacity priorities and explore the role that organizational capacity-building could play in supporting ENGOs to meet the challenges ahead. The Leadership Team includes a wide diversity of ENGO leaders, including the C-suite of Canada’s largest ENGOs, medium-sized staffed organizations, as well as younger and BIPOC ENGO leaders.

The Vision2030 ENGO Leadership Team defined these four sector priorities and the resulting programs described here were launched in early 2024.

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We gratefully acknowledge the support of our six implementation partners

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