There is increasing interest amongst Canadians in advancing truth and reconciliation initiatives to better understand the impacts of 500 years of colonization on Indigenous Peoples, and how decolonization can best proceed. ENGOs have taken this important work to heart, particularly when it comes to supporting Indigenous-led conservation efforts and are recognizing that they have much to learn from Indigenous science and approaches to caring for our lands and waters.

The Vision2030 Truth & Reconciliation priority consists of two complementary programs.

Decolonizing ENGO-First Nation Partnerships

Decolonizing ENGO-First Nation Partnerships will build ENGO staff awareness and literacy about the structure of settler colonialism to avoid reproducing it in partnerships with Indigenous communities. Dr. Damien Lee of Gimiwan Research and Consulting has developed and will lead delivery of seven, 3-hour weekly virtual sessions, held over two months to cohort participants (max: 60) twice each year for 2024, 2025 and 2026. Topics will include:

• Settler Colonialism 101
• Positionality
• Inherent Indigenous Governance 101
• Building Better Relations
• Understanding Territorial Sovereignties
• The Nonprofit Industrial Complex

Cohorts register on a first come, first served basis

The Organizational Change Program

The Organizational Change Program will help conservation NGOs take a hands-on decolonial approach to organizational change and address current challenges in supporting Indigenous-led conservation. We are collaborating with Chloe Dragon-Smith (Conservation Through Reconciliation) and Don Carruthers Den Hoed (Canadian Parks, Protected and Conserved Areas Leadership Collective) who are developing a curriculum that combines an e-residency, monthly virtual workshops and an on-the-land gathering.

This work is currently being piloted by staff teams from World Wildlife Fund Canada, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Ducks Unlimited, and Nature United/The Nature Conservancy. The pilot began in the fall of 2023 and will conclude in the summer of 2024 when Sustainability Network becomes the program host.