Engagement Organizing marries traditional
organizing with technology and a culture of developing leadership in others. It represents a shift away from organizations that are expert-driven
toward a model that focuses on nimble, data-driven, learning organizations that place relationship building and mobilization of supporters at the heart of their work. The result is resilient, effective organizations
that continue to advance their work in an ever-more demanding and challenging world.

Our engagement organizing work is being developed alongside the Gosling Foundation’s Better Organizations for Nature program and includes: Opportunities (workshops, webinars, presentations) for ENGOs to learn about this practice with an emphasis on nature NGOs and land trusts and an engagement organizing community of practice that convenes and supports select NGOs in their consideration of engagement organizing.

This work relies on the skills and talents of contracted resource people and facilitators and on the
leadership of Stan Kozak of the Gosling Foundation.

Introduction to Engagement Organizing

April 4, 2017

April 4, 2017

April 11, 2017


Key Papers for Engagement Organizing

Using Data to Build Relationships and Inform Engagement Activities

Other Learning Opportunities

Reference For Further Learning