December 2020 Better Organizations for Nature

DECEMBER 10, 2020 1:00-3:30 PM ET


Engagement and the Pandemic: Opportunities and Learning

10:54 Bruce Trail Conservancy (Jackie Randle) on challenges and opportunities during the pandemic.  Presentation Slides - 1MB

29:20 Couchiching Conservancy (Tanya Clark) on communications amidst global distractions.  Presentation Slides - 3MB    

46:12 Nature Trust of New Brunswick (Renata Woodward) on finding people in the pandemic.  Presentation Slides - 3MB

Finding Your Political Voice    

1:10:05 Bruce Trail Conservancy (Michael McDonald) on finding your political voice.  Presentation Slides - 2MB
1:25:45 Nature Canada (Hannah Dean) provides an update on their MP days, plans for regionally focussed days and use of political consulting firms.  Presentation Slides - 1MB    
1:38:50 Couchiching Conservancy (Mark Bisset) on their experience with third-party letter campaigns.    
1:47:58 Birds Canada (James Casey) on how they have been able to utilize engaged networks to mobilize supporters on the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 in the Fraser Estuary and BC's first call to supporters to contact their MPs.  Presentation Slides - 1MB

Mobilizing Our Supporters Showcase    

2:02:20 Couchiching Conservancy (Mark Bissett for Joelle Burnie) on citizen science as portal and motivator - the story of initial engagement through an easement and eventually legacy giving.  Presentation Slides - 7MB

2:15:14 Bruce Trail Conservancy (Liz Harrington) on their quite successful pledge project.  Presentation Slides - 2MB    

2:27:24 Nature Trust of New Brunswick (Brittany Dixon) on sharing stewardship.  Presentation Slides - 4MB  

Follow-up Survey  

We have put together a list of all the presentations along with presenters. You can 'vote' as many times as you like but we would appreciate knowing which of these presentations you would be interested in participating in a follow-up, 'deeper dive'.    

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Presentation Slides