January 30, 2020, 1-2 pm Eastern Time

The recording will only be available until March 30, 2020.

In 2020, half of Canadians will receive their news information through social media channels like Facebook. A new day has dawned in the ways that we can engage people, and investing in online advertising is an essential dimension of an effective public engagement strategy for NGOs.     Nature Canada has brought together 20 national and regional organizations in a massive social media campaign. It deploys social media directed at custom-based audiences, utilizing different kinds of targeting, and tracking of metrics to measure impact and inform actions. The collaboration involves joint communications in support of the most important nature protection initiative in Canadian history - the Federal government's commitment to expand protected areas to 25% of Canada's land and oceans by 2025 and 30% by 2030.     Graham Saul and Andrew Aziz will discuss the case study of the ‚ÄòMake Room for Nature‚Äô campaign, and a suite of tactics and strategies used for identifying and engaging Canadians online. However, the strategies and tools used to grow a supporter base are applicable to any organization working on any issue.     Graham Saul, Executive Director, Nature Canada   Graham Saul has more than 25 years of experience working on social and environmental justice issues. His background includes five years with Oxfam International in Maputo, Mozambique, and five years in Washington, D.C., with the Bank Information Centre ‚Äî an environmental watchdog and information clearinghouse that monitors the World Bank and other multilateral development banks.     Andrew, Aziz, Communications & Digital Director, Nature Canada   Andrew Aziz oversees all aspects of the organization‚Äôs communications and digital engagement work, including strategic communications, media relations, social media, and audience engagement. Andrew has an extensive background in environment-focussed communications both nationally and internationally.

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