Tuesday, January 11, 2022 from 1:00-2:00 PM ET

January will see the launch of EarthNet, a new online social network for the Canadian environmental movement.

We are all facing an unprecedented global crisis. Yet our governments and international institutions are struggling to respond to the climate and ecological emergencies and widening inequality. So much needs to be done, and so much needs to change, that we need a steep change in connection, collective action and collaboration. We need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of organizing action; build social license; generate, test and share ideas; and more. This is all in the context of growing mistrust of established social networking platforms like Facebook.

EarthNet is a social network that puts purpose over profit. It is organized by topic-based hubs, and each is a vibrant, interconnected network of organizations and climate professionals - like you - working together to make our world a better place and solve some of the wicked problems facing us today.

Please join us to find out more, and to make EarthNet a reality.


Rik Logtenberg and Max Deacon are network builders and software developers. Max and Rik founded Climate Caucus, a network of 450+ mayors and councilors driving climate action and justice in municipalities across Canada.

Rik is a software developer, successful entrepreneur and city councilor from Nelson BC. He sits on the UBCM Climate Action Committee and the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council.

Max is a software developer and sustainability strategy consultant and has worked with some of the world's largest companies and governments.

Max and Rik have supported several leading Canadian organizations across climate action, including the Pembina Institute, Low Carbon Cities Canada, Youth Climate Lab, Youth Climate Corps, University of Victoria, David Suzuki Foundation and the McConnell Foundation.

Max and Rik's (unabashedly bold) goal is to trigger a fundamental, positive, and rapid change in humanity’s trajectory towards climate, ecological and economic breakdown by driving the connectivity and momentum required to hit a tipping point towards action. Rik is based in Nelson, BC and, since the outbreak of Covid-19, Max has been back in London, UK.

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