Face to face with Major Individual Donors

January 13, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

How can you connect with those fabulous people who give charities big donations? You hear of multi-million dollar pledges to universities and hospitals and you think ‘we would be happy with a few thousand dollars!’

These individuals contribute far more to charity than corporations or foundations, yet many non-profit groups don’t know how to reach them properly. This can be productive fundraising, particularly in the short term or a crisis, because individuals can respond quickly with no bureaucratic grant-approval process.

Ken will show you how to:
- Discover your unique connections to donors you didn’t know you had, using Ken’s trademark “Webbing Exercise”
- Learn more about their special interests, and what excites them
- Cultivate the relationship before you ask
- Figure out how much to ask them to give
- Prepare your board, senior volunteers, and staff to ask big
- Get past the fear of calling or visiting (when the pandemic allows personal contact again)
- Handle any questions or objections they might raise
- Thank them and make them happy to give again and again

The recording will be available until March 14, 2022

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