How the System Works and How to Work the System, Session 4
Optional Communications Tactics and Strategies in Support of Advocacy Activities

Tuesday, December 7, 1:00-2:00 PM ET

So many practical strategies and tactics, so little time and resources. That’s the challenge facing all organizations; so, which ones make sense for your organization? This webinar will review some of the options for communications support of policy-advocacy initiatives and the criteria for selection that could apply. Topics include:
   • “Grass roots” versus “grass tops” advocacy
   • Media relations tactics
   • Community media as grassroots advocacy
   • Feeding the “media beast”
   • Aggregating for impact

The presentation slides include
- A copy of this afternoon’s slides
- Grass Tops  >  Targeted Outreach in Alliance Building (slide “Continuum of advocacy engagement - this slide summarizes the level of policy advocacy commitment with others in a coalition; it can be considered from the perspective of either groups seeking support of those are considering what degree of support they can have to others who request it.)
- Feeding the Beast: Media Contact Note (“Template – 2 Media Contact” - this particular note is designed for use during elections but can be easily adapted.)
- Strategic Inquiry with the MSM: (“Template for a Media SI Briefing Note)

The recording will be available until February 6, 2022.

Presentation Slides